Why join our club?

  Freedom from The Hobbs-meter.
Flight time on our aircraft is tach time, not Hobbs time as at most FBOs. That means that practicing touch-and-gos is downright inexpensive, and holding short of the runway for extended periods is almost free! And because the Santa Barbara Flying Club is a non-profit organization, our hourly rates will make you smile. The hourly rate includes fuel and oil. (Compare our rates with those at any local flight school or FBO!)

  No hassle with daily minimums.
If you've ever refrained from taking a week-long flying trip because you wouldn't be able to make the usual rental minimums of 3 hours a day, the Santa Barbara Flying Club is for you! We have no daily minimums. (Trips longer than 10-days are subject to approval of the Board of Directors, made up of your fellow Club members.)

  Convenient scheduling and monthly billing.
Our airplanes are based on the north side of the the Santa Barbara Airport, near the Visitor Center at the end of Hartley Place. You can schedule airplanes 24 hours a day on our convenient, password-protected web site. When you come to the airport to fly, there's no need to bring your checkbook --- we'll send you a bill every month. And when you buy fuel at another airport, just send in the receipt with your monthly check and we'll credit your account.
  A club that's easy to join and to stay in.
Our monthly dues average a modest $90 per month (fluctuates with the number of active members)  to cover fixed costs such as insurance and tie-downs. You can join for a non-refundable deposit of $300, as well as a refundable deposit of $900 that you'll get back if you leave the Club --- but with a deal like this, why would you want to leave? Even if you fly just a few hours a month, you'll save money compared to renting from an FBO. And we'll give you your own set of airplane keys!
  Want to learn more?
The Santa Barbara Flying Club could be just what you need to give you more flying time for your money. Click here for information on how to join.